English 3

Flores Kastanis , Katherine , Urquijo Flores Paula ISBN: 9786077442196 Editorial: Grupo Editorial Patria
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By the end of English 3, the student will be able to communicate in English about personal, vocational and social aspects of his or her life project as well as the social, scientific, and technological contributions that he or she can make to the world. The purpose of English 3, third book of the series named Competent, is to provide English teachers with the material to cover in detail the third course of five from DGETI system. Series¿ goal: Students are expected to reach a B1 level according to the Common European Framework (CEF), at the end of the English program. This means, students must be able to do what is described for levels A1, A2, and B1. This is the goal of the English program at DGETI at the end of the five courses. It is expected that at the end of this third course, students can achieve skills at a basic A1 level and begin with some competencies at an A2 level according to the CEF described as follows: ¿Can understand common phrases and expressions related to expertise areas that are especially relevant to the student (information about weather, climate, shopping, places of interest, occupations, hobbies, health related issues, etc.). can communicate when performing simple routine tasks that only require simple and direct information exchanges about future and past matters that are familiar to the student. Can describe, in a simple form, aspects about actions performed by others, as well as issues related to health, personal, and job problems. Can ask and give simple suggestions.¿ The structure of English 3 is related to two central topics: ¿My life project¿ and ¿Contributions to the world¿. Students will learn and apply basic grammatical structures (future tense, modal auxiliaries, present perfect, and first conditional) and vocabulary (regular and irregular verbs, weather, climate, public places, preferences, hobbies, jobs, science, technology, discoveries and inventions) to perform language functions (describe personal goals, discuss future plans, describe health, personal, and job problems; ask for and give suggestions; speculate; describe social, scientific, and technological achievements, inform about events that benefited or damage humanity; give information about activities that began in the past and haven¿t finished, and describe cause-effect relationships). During the five courses, the student participates in activities in which procedural contents identified as language functions and reading strategies are included. These are necessary to develop the competencies of reading, understanding, writing and expressing oneself in English. Key features: The three steps of DGETI programs: Opening activities, Development and End of Unit evaluation, Two units and 15 lessons. Clear grammar presentations and activities, Vocabulary building sections. Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Interactive oral activities. Cultural notes. Information Technologies to aid English proficiency. www.Sali.org.mx offers audios, videos, vocabulary and more activities.

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