History 2

Avitia Hernández Alejandro , Antonio. Mexicanos , Carbajal Huerta , Reyes Juárez Elizabeth ISBN: 9786072127500 Editorial: Help!
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Medidas270 x 206 x 13mm

This series strengthens historical skills and critical thinking, as well as logical reasoning and argumentation, essential skills for the development of subjects in contemporary societies. It is organized in trimesters and the methodology used is the learning sequence. Its proposal of activities allows the mobilization of the students' previous knowledge and link them with the subject to study. In addition, they take into account the purposes of the study of the subject and present variants in the forms of organization; In this way, there are individual, pair, team and group activities that promote analysis, reflection, the production of short texts and graphic organizers, and strengthen the practice of psychosocial skills for harmonious work and communication skills for socialization. The evaluation proposal has a formative approach, because it informs the progress of the students and allows reflection, in order to make decisions for the best achievement of learning. The use of information and communication technologies is encouraged as an important tool in the search and selection of information, and to deepen and complement historical knowledge and its link with other areas of knowledge.

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